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I’ve completed a day of plastic-freeness and managed to survive. I didn’t have a great deal of shopping to do so it wasn’t too much of a challenge, but it has really got me thinking.

The first challenge of the day was breakfast. I habitually have a cup of tea in the morning and I hadn’t had the foresight to get some plastic free teabags. Yes, that’s right, the vast majority of tea-bags have plastic in them. Ever wondered why they never seemed to quite break down in the compost? And when was the last time a tea-bag split and you ended up with leaves in your mug? Remember that? Yes, the good people of teasville have saved us from that horror by putting plastic in your tea bag!

I ventured out to find an alternative and couldn’t see anything on the shelves at my local supermarket other than…. Tea Pigs. Yep, they win the prize for plastic freeness. Their tea bags used to be made of a nylon mesh but they now use corn starch (although will take a long time to decompose in your home compost). And the film that the bags come in is made of some stuff called Naturelex which is apparently 100% compostable. Result!

Going around the supermarket was an interesting experience – there were whole aisles I just didn’t bother going down. I didn’t need much so I just grabbed a couple of apples (luckily there were some without pesky stickers on) some sweet potatoes, the teapigs tea bags and a baking tray (I figure if I’m probably going to be doing a lot more baking and making from scratch this month).

Waitrose have started this thing were they offer MyWaitrose customers a free cup of tea or coffee. Very generous of them and all that, but I do wonder what their contribution is to the mountain of disposable coffee cups and lids. I feel sure that loads of people take them up on their offer who wouldn’t otherwise have chosen to have a takeaway hot drink. Anyway, I took advantage by using my eCoffee cup. Made from bamboo it is better than the keepcup I used to use which started to get a bit sniffy after a while. And was also made of plastic!
Back at home I made dinner as usual. The only ingredient that I didn’t have which I probably otherwise would have used was coriander. Never mind. Do without.
Ended up the day having a nice cup of lemongrass and ginger tea using a little silicone tea brewer that a friend of mine gave me.
I’ll be honest – I am still using up the products I have that are open with plastic in them (milk, cereals, crackers, marmite) so I can see that there will be plenty more hurdles to come, but at the end of day one I actually feel pretty good about it all and excited about what is going to be thrown at me. BRING IT ON!!!

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