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So, I awoke this morning, started my breakfast with a cup of non-plastic tea (how ridiculous a thing is that?) and, I tucked into my bowl of granola. As I have already confessed, I am in the process of using up my single-use-plastics that are already on the go, which includes the aforementioned granola (cardboard box, plastic bag). Anyway, I had already resigned myself to a month of eating porridge once that had run out when it occurred to me: hang on, I can make my OWN DAMN GRANOLA!

Hell yeah!

The End Of Hemp Milk fanfare…

But…. hang on… what am I going to eat it with? I was on my last carton of Hemp Milk (OK so it may be wanky, but I’m trying to keep away from dairy for various ethical/sustainability reasons) so what would I do then? Granola and water? Hmmmm… Obviously my brain wasn’t quite working right cos when I addressed Facebook with the question, the answer came back to me loud and clear. Make your own milk! (Obviously this can only apply to non-dairy – unless you happen to have a small baby).

I was suddenly bombarded with suggestions from friends on how to do this (the simplest seems to be just soaking oats in water and sieving it) and a ton of advice.  Sorted! Am actually looking forward to taking my nutrition into my own hands. Hopefully if I get it right, this could be the future for me, post February.

The next conundrum I faced was that I realised I was coming to the end of my deodorant. Luckily for me my husband likes the way I whiff but I know for sure that doesn’t ring true for the rest of the population (as I have been reminded on the odd time I’ve tried deodorant-free life – thanks mum!) Again, the Facebook community held the answers – and it was the same one: make your own! Bicarbonate of soda seemed to be the base for all of this, mixed with whatever essential oils you deem appropriate to your own sweet skin. Additionally the Lush deodorant bars and dusting powders got a mention which I’m quite inclined to try. I already use a Lush shampoo bar (no packaging! Hurray!) which is brilliant. Next time I’m in town I shall invest.

Thanks friends, you are a wealth of inspiration and information!