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So, day 3. We went to meet up with some friends who live in Bethnal Green. After lunch we decided to go down to the Museum of Childhood which is such a lovely spot but I was kind of nervous walking past the shop, which is right in the middle of the space and impossible to avoid. Gift shops and plastic-free-ness just do not mix.

Luckily both my boys were easily distracted and were happy to move on to look at the tons of toys, mostly behind glass much to the chagrin of my youngest who at one point lay prostrate on the floor, moaning “I just want to play with them!”

At one point I went to the loos, leaving my eldest with our friends while my partner took the youngest to look at trains. My heart nearly burst with pride when I was told that, after saying he was thirsty, had refused a cup of water because it was plastic. That’s my boy!

Anyway, it was all going so well until my friend offered me a piece of chewing gum. I’m not really a gum fan but occasionally I kind of fancy it so I accepted, only to have it pointed out by my husband that I was chewing plastic. WHAT?!?!? I had to look it up, but he’s right!

My first fail.

If anyone out there is a hardcore gummer, there are a few non-plastic alternatives out there: