The Brief.

As a new start-up, Prospect Drones came to me asking for a whole brand identity starting from scratch.

Looking for a fresh, dynamic feel they wanted branding which could lend itself to the variety of applications of drone technology such as 3D mapping, Photogrammetry, aerial photography and precision imaging – something which would encompass both the creative and technical aspects of the business.

  • Logo Design
  • Brand Identity
  • Business Cards
  • Web Design
  • Photography

Logo and Branding.

Using a sans serif font, I made a feature of the letter S to suggest the shape of a rotor blade, whilst also providing a colourful icon. The colours hint at the variety of uses for the emergent technology, whilst also alluding to the colours of the spectrum.

The end result was a simple yet dynamic logo suggesting precision, imaging and movement.


Following a detailed consultation, I designed and built a slick responsive website, optimised for desktop, mobile and tablet,  to showcase their work and services.


Out in the field, I took a variety of promotional photographs of Prospect Drones in action for use on the website and other promotional material.